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Recipe: 1 mix water, sugar and salt together, add butter and mix well.
2. Pour the mixture into the flour, then knead the dough until smooth and hard, and set aside for about 20 minutes.Coat the dough with a layer of shortening and then form about 50 grams of the ball.
3. Put all the balls into a large bowl, cover and then set aside for about four hours or more.
4, in order to heat in a hot pan, put the dough ball coated with grease on your desktop, will trample oh ball flattening with the hand, and put the dough into external pressure thin, finally rotary throwing action until the dough became as thin as paper.
5. Then fold the dough from four sides to square and then cook it in a hot pan until it is golden brown.Do the same with all the dough balls.Gently pat the pancake with both hands.Serve with meat curry or white sugar.

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