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Recently many customers asked, how many types of chips are there?What's the price difference?
I searched the Internet, a lot of them multifarious.The price range from 300USD to 2000USD. Our factory has 2000USD potato chips cutter potato sticks cutter,and also we also have about only 500usd potato chips cutter sticks cutter.
Here, I will explain and analyze the difference to you,my friends.
I'll start with French fries. There are two kinds of french fries.Potato chips also called French fries.Cassava chips also called chips.And these two raw materials use the same kind of equipment to process, the effect is different!Potato processing is relatively easy, while sweet potato is hard and brittle.
I look at the potato chip machine, the market is no more than 2 kinds, one kind of dial diameter is 400MM (the main use is to cut potato chips sticks).The diameter of the other rotary disc is 600MM.Since potatoes and sweet potatoes have different textures, 600 can be processed with sweet potatoes and potatoes, while 400 can only process potatoes.If you can process sweet potatoes, the effect and efficiency can't be compared to 600.
Besides the French fries machine potato chips machine efficiency, about 600 model french fries potato chips machine efficiency is 800 kg/hour, but there is a premise, that is in general 6-8 mm slices or sticks, if a little bit thicker, the efficiency would be higher, if cut into thinner, the efficiency is low.
The size of our chips can reach 30*30mm, which is other potato chips cutter french fries machine can't do.
Remind your friends to "keep your eyes open" when buying equipment.You don't want to buy the most expensive, but you must buy the best.

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