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fruit vegetable washer

This fruit vegetable washing machine can wash all kinds of fruit and vegetable.Such as potato,cassava,apple,berry,etc.

Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine


This fruit washing machine can wash all kinds of fruit and vegetable.

fruit washing machinevegetable cleaning machine


  • 1.This fruit vegetable washing machine mainly made of SUS304 material.
  • 2.This fruit vegetable washer can do the rolling,brushing and spraying technology to reach the maximum cleaning.
  • 3.The automatic fruit vegetable washer machine can be customized.
  • 4.The vegetable washing machine cleaning speed is adjustable,the customer can set the cleaning content at will.
  • 5.Application:washing and soaking all kinds of vegetable(potato,onion,celery,leek,spinach,lettuce,beans,beet,tomatoes,cassava,sweet potato,mushroom,leaf vegetables,etc),fruit(blackberry,cherry,stawberry,apple,pear,mango,etc)and seafood(fish,seashell,etc).
  • 6.The fruit vegetable washing machine motor can be made 220v,380v,110v,450v,etc.This machine can be customized.

  • The washing capacity can be customized.
  • fruit washing machine
  • LS800 fruit washing machine,net width:800mm,power:3.37kw,size:5000*1200*1460mm
  • LS600 fruit washing machine,net width:600mm,power:2.75kw,size:3500*1100*1460mm


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