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potato peeling machine

This potato peeling machine can washing and peeling potato,cassava,carrot,etc. Parameters CY800 potato peeling machine,power:1.1kw,machine weight:180kg,etc

Potato Peeling Machine 


1.This potato peeling machine can washing&peeling vegetable such as potato,cassava,onion,carrot,etc.Peeling fruit such as kiwi.Also can washing seafood.
2.This potato peeling machine can be customized.
3.Using the soft brush roller can wash only.
4.Using the hard brush roller can wash and peel at the same time.


*The capacity per batch can be customized.The lengther the roller is,the bigger capacity will be.
CY800 potato peeling machine,power:1.1kw,machine weight:180kg,machine size:1400*850*800mm
CY1000 potato peeling machine,power:1.5kw,machine weight:220kg,machine size:1600*850*800mm
CY1800 potato peeling machine,power:2.2kw,machine weight:280kg,machine size:2400*850*800mm

Fruit Vegetable Washing Peeling by The Machine 

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potato peeling machine

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